A Houston roof inspection is just as important as roof maintenance, as both measures help homeowners remain aware of the state of their roof all year round. In addition to getting a roof inspection after a storm, we also recommend a seasonal roof inspection twice a year. Here’s what you can expect.

When Should You Get A Seasonal Houston Roof Inspection

Many think a seasonal roof inspection should be done once every season. While this is okay if you decide to do so, you really only need a roof inspection twice a year–once in the spring and again in the fall. Why? Because these are the milder seasons before brutally hot summer arrives and brittle winter arrives. Think about it; while roof damage can occur at any point in the year, it is often exacerbated in the summer and winter. 

What Happens During a Seasonal Roof Inspection

At your roof inspection, your Houston roofing contractors from 314 Roofing will climb onto your roof and walk around it. We will assess the condition of your shingles, decking, chimney flashing, gutters, and more. We understand the importance of homeowners knowing about our findings, so while we walk your roof we’ll thoroughly document every sign of damage that we spot and share this information with you.

Once we complete your Houston roof inspection, we will discuss our recommendations with you. Oftentimes, roofs just need a few good roof repairs to be safe and protective again. Other times, a severe storm has destroyed a roof and/or roof repairs weren’t done over the years. In these cases, a full roof replacement may be necessary. Our expertly trained eyes will be able to determine what is best for you (and your budget) once our 11 point inspection is complete. 

Paying For Houston Roof Repairs or Roof Replacement After An Inspection

Once you know what your home needs, you might start worrying about paying for it. The thing about roofs is that you really cannot get away with leaving your roof untouched. Your roof keeps you and your loved ones safe, but the only way it can do this is if you care for it as well. The good news is that your homeowner’s insurance will usually offer some coverage for roof work. We also offer financing to help you pay for your roof over time.

Your Houston Roofers at 314 Roofing Solutions Are Here to Keep Your Family Safe Year Round

Your roof is a big investment and an important one! If you haven’t had your roof looked at yet, please contact us for a seasonal roof inspection. We will be happy to coordinate a date and time that works for you and do our part in protecting your home and your loved ones.