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Consider Houston Roof Inspection After A Storm

Spring is a few weeks away, but we may still experience various storms during the rest of the winter and even into spring. As your trusted Houston roofing contractors, we recommend you get a roof inspection after a storm hits your area–especially if you see your neighbors’ roofs sustain damage. A Houston Roof Inspection Lets

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Maintenance Can Prevent Premature Houston Roof Replacement

In Houston, roof replacements are typically necessary every 10-15 years, but this mostly depends on what type of roof shingles you installed and how well you’ve taken care of your roof system over the years. Given this, it only makes sense that adequate Houston roof maintenance would help prolong the life of your roof so

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Did Your Houston Roof Sustain Ice Damage?

Although this month’s freeze was nowhere near as bad as last February’s, many homeowners experienced some level of roof damage–including ice damage. In this article, your trusted Houston roofing contractors at 314 Roofing will discuss the types of damage you might have seen and how we can help! Houston Roof Damage Due to Ice During

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Consider a Houston Roof Replacement This Winter

By now, you may have an understanding of how the winter weather can harm your roofing system. Because of this, you might wonder if you should get a Houston roof replacement this winter or wait until spring. Here’s what our roofing experts recommend. First, Assess the Current Level of Damage on Your Roof Before we

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Standing Seam Metal Roof

https://vimeo.com/699846027/31d1e472e0 Standing Seam metal roofing systems use hidden fasteners, to secure the panels to the substrate is hidden beneath the panels instead of exposed on top of them. Normally, standing seam panels are completely flat or striated, with the ridges or bumps being at the seams (or vertical legs). They use a raised, interlocking seam

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Custom Home Builders

https://vimeo.com/699867952/7fd3554a8d   Homebuilders work hard to design and build beautiful, modern houses that potential buyers would feel comfortable investing in and making a home out of. As one of the most critical components of any house, a sturdy and flawlessly installed roof is something homebuilders should not skimp on. If you work with a homebuilder

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314 Roof Maintenance

https://vimeo.com/699846054/6208c2e30e   In Houston, extremely hot weather, as well as the severe hail, rain, and wind that come with the hurricane season wreak havoc on your roofing. The thing about roof damage is that it tends to spread if left unaddressed, gradually worsening over time until you’re hit with the unexpected need for roof replacement.

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