By now, you may have an understanding of how the winter weather can harm your roofing system. Because of this, you might wonder if you should get a Houston roof replacement this winter or wait until spring. Here’s what our roofing experts recommend.

First, Assess the Current Level of Damage on Your Roof

Before we answer whether you should get your roof replaced now or wait on it, it’s best to understand the current state of your roofing system. While you can certainly check on your roof by standing outside and looking up at it, it’s far more accurate to get a roof inspection by your trusted Houston roofing contractors at 314 Roofing. When we inspect your roof, we’ll take a close look at it, taking care to thoroughly examine it for signs of damage. A careful and detail-oriented eye is critical in order to catch signs of damage in time.

Once We Know the Condition of Your Roof, We Can Determine if a Houston Roof Replacement is Necessary

So, should you get a roof replacement as soon as possible? Or is it better to wait? This depends on the level of damage to your roof. If we find that your roof has some minor signs of damage, then Houston roof repairs may be more appropriate. If the damage is severe and putting your structure and your family at risk, then we will certainly recommend a roof replacement.

What Type of Houston Roof Damage We Look For

There are various types of damage your roof might sustain throughout the year. This damage includes:

Wind Roof Damage

Strong, gusty winds can blow debris across your roof or even break the seal between older shingles that may not be fastened properly. Hail, on the other hand, can damage existing weak spots by chipping granules and baring your shingles to the elements.

At times, wind can even blow shingles off of an already-damaged roof, creating even more vulnerability to the elements.

Roof Leaks

Torrential rainfall is not a rare occurrence. If your roof has been damaged, rainfall may sometimes result in a leak. Roof leaks may pose a great risk–especially because they often go undiscovered until severe damage has taken place. This is why regular Houston roof maintenance and inspections are key to making your roof last.

Roof Rot

Roof rot occurs due to trapped moisture, which causes mold growth and sagging. You may be able to spot signs of rot in your attic if you look at the underlying wood foundation. Once your roof starts to rot, its shingles become extremely soft and unable to protect your home from weather damage. This is often exacerbated in the winter when shingles tend to dry out and become brittle.

314 Roofing Goes Beyond to Protect Your Roof and Your Loved Ones

Whether you’re in need of roof repairs or a full replacement, we are here to provide the top-quality service you deserve! However, the key to knowing which is right for you and when is to get an inspection. If you’d like to find out how to protect your home, please contact us. We look forward to fixing up your roof and keeping you and your family safe!