Spring is a few weeks away, but we may still experience various storms during the rest of the winter and even into spring. As your trusted Houston roofing contractors, we recommend you get a roof inspection after a storm hits your area–especially if you see your neighbors’ roofs sustain damage.

A Houston Roof Inspection Lets Us Know If Your Roof Is Damaged

Anytime a storm affects your area, there are chances of significant roof damage. Unfortunately, it’s hard to tell just how much damage your roof has sustained without a full roof inspection.

If a storm hits your area, we recommend you first take a look at your shingles from outside. You might notice corner shingles begin to lift–a clear sign that wind damage has occurred. If you spot this type of damage, then it’s likely that other types of roof damage have taken place. Now, that’s not to say that your roof is safe if you don’t spot damage. We still need to take a look at the rest of the system. This is where a call to our roof experts comes in. We can climb onto your roof and perform an up-close inspection to take note of all damage your roof has sustained–including roof leaks and hail damage.

If Your Roof Is Damaged, Houston Roof Maintenance Can Help

Once we spot damage, we can assess the level of severity. In many cases, roof maintenance might be all you need to get your roof back into good shape, as this includes the following steps:

  • Clearing your roof of debris, including your gutter system
  • Reinforcing your roof fasteners with caulking to protect them from weather damage
  • Securing flashing to prevent water from flowing into your home via gaps in your roof
  • Double-checking roof penetrations

You Might Benefit From Houston Roof Repairs

Sometimes, roof damage has been building up for some time, resulting in the need for roof repairs. While roof maintenance does include some minor repairs that serve as touch-ups, our roof repair services usually cover greater concerns that, if not corrected, can lead to a premature (and costly!) roof replacement.

Seek a Professional Houston Roof Inspection After a Weather Event to Prolong the Lifespan of Your Roofing System

A roof inspection is a great way to determine if your roof has been damaged by a storm and how we can address it in order to keep you safe. If you’d like to check on your roof, please contact us. We look forward to examining it and doing our part to keep you and your loved ones safe.