Although this month’s freeze was nowhere near as bad as last February’s, many homeowners experienced some level of roof damage–including ice damage. In this article, your trusted Houston roofing contractors at 314 Roofing will discuss the types of damage you might have seen and how we can help!

Houston Roof Damage Due to Ice

During last week’s freeze, rain was rather widespread throughout the area. Paired with freezing temperatures and accompanying windchill, many communities experienced freezing rain that landed on their roofs–particularly in roof valleys and gutters.

What Does Ice Damage Mean For Your Roof?

Although not considered a common occurrence, ice damage can certainly affect your Houston roof in two different ways:

Ice Dams

An ice dam forms when ice starts melting off your roof due to warmth coming from the inside, only to flow down to the colder edge of your roof and refreeze. Ice dams are notorious for blocking gutters–something that we work hard to avoid when performing Houston roof maintenance. If your roof gutters become blocked by anything, this will prevent them from collecting precipitation and guiding it out through the downspout. If your gutters can’t do the job, then precipitation will stay on your shingles and weaken them.

Brittle Shingles

Asphalt roof shingles are coated with oil that keeps them lubricated so they remain flexible and strong enough to protect your home. However, when it’s winter, the change to colder temperatures causes your shingles you contract. As a result of this contraction and expansion, your roof shingles may become brittle and lack the structural strength necessary to do their job.

314 Roofing Solutions Can Check On Your Roof and Get it Back in Shape if Necessary

If you think your roof may show signs of Houston roof damage as a result of last week’s freeze, please contact us. It’s imperative that we conduct a roof inspection so we can understand if your roofing system has been damaged and to what extent. Gaining this insight will help us determine whether you need Houston roof repairs or a roof replacement. If you elect to work with us, rest assured that we will do what is necessary to restore the integrity of your roof so it can protect you throughout the remainder of winter and as the rain/hail season nears.