Spring is just a few days away! This means that cold weather will soon stop making its way over here and we can enjoy pleasant temperatures. However, chances are that your roof sustained significant roof damage during the winter, and the spring showers and winds that we’re already experiencing may further exacerbate this damage. Because of this, you might want to consider roof repairs.

Did The Winter Damage Your Houston Roof?

The winter and its cold fronts may cause the following:

  • Wind roof damage, such as curled or missing shingles
  • Brittle roof shingles, which are caused by their expansion and contraction in cold temps
  • Ice dam roof leaks as a result of occasional ice formation that melts throughout the day
  • Roof leaks caused by damaged seals

Spring Roof Repairs Can Get Your Roof Back In Shape

While spring brings nice temperatures, the fact remains that this season also brings weather events–such as hail and rainstorms–that could worsen previously unaddressed roof damage like the types we mentioned above. However, repairs by your roofing contractors at 314 Roofing can quickly correct these issues and get your roof back in shape to withstand the spring’s climate.

Benefits of Getting Houston Roof Repairs in Spring

Spring is a fantastic time to get some roof work done for various reasons, including:

Seasonal Roof Inspections

Spring is the same time we recommend homeowners get a seasonal roof inspection. This gives us the opportunity to address your roof’s current state and get a full picture of what roof repairs you need.

Saving Money With Regular Roof Repairs

While a Houston roof replacement will inevitably become necessary after several years, repairs help prolong the life of your roofing system, especially when coupled with regular roof maintenance. By getting small roof repairs over time, you can save a lot of money.

314 Roofing Solutions is Proud to Protect Your Roof This Spring

When your roofing contractors at 314 Roofing perform an inspection, we’ll take a close look at your roof to determine what damage has occurred and what repairs will be necessary. If you think your roof has sustained damage, please contact us! We look forward to keeping you and your family safe as spring