In Houston, roof replacements are typically necessary every 10-15 years, but this mostly depends on what type of roof shingles you installed and how well you’ve taken care of your roof system over the years. Given this, it only makes sense that adequate Houston roof maintenance would help prolong the life of your roof so you don’t require a roof replacement too soon. Keep reading to learn more about the right way to maintain your roofing.

3 Ways to Maintain Your Houston Roof

Here are the top 3 ways you can maintain your roof to encourage a longer lifespan.

Get Regular Houston Roof Inspections

A professional roof inspection is the best way to check on your roof. We recommend getting a roof inspection in the fall and in the spring, as these seasons are mild and considered the “transitional” seasons before we deal with severe, more destructive weather. Of course, a roof inspection right after a storm is always a good idea as well since this lets us see if damage occurred. If so, we can correct it in a timely manner. When your Houston roofing contractors at 314 Roofing Solutions conduct a detailed roof inspection, we can spot signs of damage and determine whether this damage warrants a roof repair or a roof replacement ahead of the hurricane season and the winter.

Get Houston Roof Repairs As Needed

When assessing the state of your roof, we may recommend you get a few roof repairs to correct mild damage before it leads to a premature roof replacement. By getting some minor repairs done as needed, you will continuously reinforce your roof over the years. Eventually, a roof replacement will become necessary, but repairs will help you get the most out of your roof until then.

Let 314 Roofing Perform Houston Roof Maintenance

As your go-to roofing contractor, we are proud to offer roof maintenance as yet another way to protect your roof and your family. Adequate roof maintenance consists of climbing onto your roof and performing various touch-ups. Our Houston roof maintenance program consists of the following touch-ups:

  • Clearing your roof of debris, including your gutter system
  • Reinforcing your roof fasteners with caulking to protect them from weather damage
  • Securing flashing to prevent water from flowing into your home via gaps in your roof
  • Double-checking roof penetrations

Houston Roof Maintenance Keeps Your Roof in Check and Gives You Your Money’s Worth

Proper maintenance by your roofing contractors at 314 Roofing Solutions is by far the best way to keep your roof protective year-round for years to come. If you’d like to learn more about our roof maintenance services, please contact us. We look forward to going beyond and protecting your home!