Roof Replacement

The type of shingles you elect to install on your roof directly affects its lifespan. Even if the average lifespan of a roof in Houston is 15 years, this may not be how long your particular roof will last. Various factors play a role in determining how long your roof will protect your home and your loved ones, but when the time comes for your roof to succumb–and trust us, it will–314 Roofing will be there to install a brand new roof for you.

Old Roof

How Can You Tell If It’s Time For A Houston Roof Replacement?

This is the top question our Houston roofing company receives. There are a number of signs that suggest it is time for a Houston roof replacement, but you will only really know you need a roof replacement if you take the time to check up on the health of your roof over time. If you aren’t proactive in managing your roofing, then your roof replacement may be unexpected and a hard hit to your wallet.

If you want to gauge when you may need a Houston roof replacement, signs that indicate you need a new roof include:

  • Sagging roofing
  • Wood rot/roof rot
  • Dry/brittle/shriveled roof shingles
  • Bald spots due to missing roof shingles

Get A Much-Needed Houston Roof Replacement With 314 Roofing

Now that you know some of the signs that suggest it’s time for a new roof, the next step would be to seek the help of a trusted roofing company. We know the pain points that come with roof replacement, so we take it upon ourselves to ease your concerns. Whether you need assistance with deciding on the right roof shingles for your home, figuring out the best payment method, or learning how to prolong your roof once you get a new one, 314 Roofing can help!

What You Can Expect When We Complete Your Houston Roof Replacement

Step 1

We’ll strip your roofing down to the decking so we have a clear foundation to work from.

Step 2

We will proceed with waterproofing your decking so you have an extra layer of protection between the interior of your home and your roof shingles.

Step 3

Once waterproofed, we’ll begin installing new flashing on your vents and chimney and weather-seal them.

Step 4

Next, we will install your brand new roof shingles and securely fasten them. The experts at 314 Roofing will make sure the job is done right the first time!