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Throughout our years as a Houston roofing company, we have put systems into place and refined them so we can execute the services we have to offer with ease and efficiency for each of our customers.

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A Houston roof inspection conducted by 314 Roofing is the most thorough inspection you can get for your roof. Our signature roof inspection is designed to be executed within 11 steps through which we assess the condition of your roof shingles, roof decking, chimney flashing, gutters, etc. While walking your roof, we will provide a detailed report on our findings and whether we recommend that you get a Houston roof replacement or some Houston roof repairs.

At 314 Roofing, we have always believed that inspecting your roof is the best way to remain aware of the state of your roofing system and also the best way to save money. Getting a Houston roof inspection, especially on a regular basis, ensures that you can address any roof damage in a timely manner, which effectively gives you multiple opportunities to reinforce your roof and promote the longevity of your roof shingles.

Understanding What Roof Work Needs To Be Done Without The Worry That You’ll Be Charged For Roofing Services You Don’t Need

By getting a Houston roof inspection by 314 Roofing, you can rest assured that our report is honest, transparent, and keeps your family’s safety in mind. With our roof inspection, you will:

  • Gain insight on just how damaged your roofing system is
  • If you need a full Houston roof replacement, or
  • If a few solid Houston roof repairs will suffice to keep your structure sturdy

How Often Should You Get A Houston Roof Inspection?

A Houston roof inspection never hurt anyone, so in many cases, the more roof inspections you get, the better! At the very least, though, we recommend getting your roof inspected every 6 months as the seasons change.

We encourage you to get a Houston roof inspection in the spring as summer nears in order to gauge how hurricane-ready your roof is. We also suggest that you get a Houston roof inspection in the fall right before winter. This way, we can determine if your home has sustained hurricane roof damage and address it to make certain that your roof is ready to protect you during the winter time–when cold temperatures make your roof shingles brittle and more prone to damage.

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