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Houston roof that has been well maintained thanks to our roofing contractors maintenance services

How Often Do You Need Houston Roof Maintenance

As one of the most important components of your home, your roof needs to be intact at all times. If it isn’t, this needs to be corrected in a timely manner with Houston roof repairs or roof replacement. Did you know you could also opt for the Houston roof maintenance services we offer at 314 Roofing Solutions? In this article, we will discuss how often you should get your roof checked on and why this matters.

Why You Need Houston Roof Maintenance

In Houston, extremely hot weather, as well as the severe hail, rain, and wind that come with the hurricane season wreak havoc on your roofing. The thing about roof damage is that it tends to spread if left unaddressed, gradually worsening over time until you’re hit with the unexpected need for roof replacement. Your roof should last anywhere between 15 to 50 years depending on which roof shingles you have had installed, but this is only possible if adequate roof maintenance is followed.

How Often Do You Need Houston Roof Maintenance Services?

As your Houston roofing contractors, 314 Roofing Solutions recommends that your roof undergoes roof maintenance twice a year, right as the seasons change from fall to winter and winter to spring. In doing so, we have the opportunity to see if the season’s climate has damaged your roof and to what extent. Once we evaluate your roofing, we can take the necessary steps to prolong your roofing and reinforce it ahead of the next season’s climate. This might consist of roof repairs that are common after hurricane season, as well as our typical roof maintenance services. We may also encourage roof inspections after severe weather periods.

How to Perform Houston Roof Maintenance

There are various methods that can be used to maintain your Houston roof. We will perform the following:

Remove Roof Debris

Cleaning debris off of your roof is the most basic measure we take when keeping up with Houston roof maintenance. Debris on your roof may obstruct your roof shingles, gutters, and downspouts. If any part of your roof is blocked by debris, it will begin to fail due to potential punctures, leaks, and sagging.

Reinforce Your Roof Fasteners

When your roof is strong and secure, the shingles lay perfectly flat. Our Houston roofing company’s high-quality roof fasteners keep your shingles tightly secured, keeping them from curling up and being pulled off by winds and/or critters.

To reinforce your roof fasteners and protect them from weather damage, your Houston roofing contractors will cover them with caulking. This protects them from the elements and promotes their longevity.

Secure Roof Flashing

When performing your Houston roof maintenance, our team will make certain that your flashing is secure so that precipitation doesn’t make its way into your home.

Ensure Your Roof Penetrations Are In Good Standing

If penetrations (roof vents and jacks) are damaged, they may increase your roof’s risk of moisture build-up. If they are significantly damaged, we may need to replace them as part of your Houston roof maintenance package.

314 Roofing Solutions is Proud to Keep Your Roof Intact!

The key to making your roof last is to let your Houston roofing contractors address roof concerns early on. If you think you might need to check on your roof, please contact us to inquire about our maintenance services.