miniature home figure wrapped in a scarf to symbolize cold weather winter roof damage

Beware of Houston Roof Damage This Winter

When you think of roof damage, you probably think about hurricane season bringing the most damage to your roof. Although this is true, it’s not the only time when Houston roof damage occurs. Winter–though mild compared to states north of us–can wreak havoc on your roof, especially if you don’t seek roof maintenance services and haven’t inspected your roof in years (if at all). In this article, we’ll discuss what you need to be mindful of now that it’s officially winter.

Overnight Freezes Make Your Shingles Brittle

Typical asphalt roof shingles feature oils that keep them lubricated and as strong as possible. However, lower temperatures cause your roof shingles to contract, reducing the integrity by making them brittle over time. When roof shingles become brittle, they are much more susceptible to damage in the winter.

Frozen Precipitation Can Still Damage Your Roof

Hail happens all year round in Houston, but peak hail season is between March and May. Although hail damage may not seem that bad, it only takes a hailstone the size of a quarter to inflict damage on your roofing. If your roof has been damaged by hail and you haven’t received any roof repairs, the wintertime may exacerbate existing damage if it wasn’t taken care of in time.

In addition to hail, we are no strangers to freezing rain and sleet during the winter months. Freezing rain will promote brittle shingles and, if it settles on your roof, it may also peel away your roof shingle granules. These granules are your roof’s first line of defense, so if too many are missing, your roof will become far more prone to damage in the winter and in the coming seasons. If your roof is experiencing balding shingles, you may be in need of a Houston roof replacement.

Frozen Gutters Put Your Roof at Risk

If you aren’t already aware of the importance of paying attention to your roof gutters during Houston roof maintenance, keep in mind that they help direct precipitation away from your roofing–unless there is debris in the way. When freezing rain occurs, it will settle into your gutters and potentially freeze existing debris that hasn’t been cleared. This inhibits the efficiency of your gutter system, putting your roof in grave danger of roof leaks over time.

Your Houston Roofing Contractors at 314 Roofing Solutions Can Protect Your Roof This Winter

Now that you know about the risk of roof damage in the winter, you might consider repairs, roof maintenance, or even a full roof replacement. If you’d like to keep your roof intact this winter, please contact us so we can perform a thorough inspection and determine what is best for the health of your roof.