Houston roof damage caused by frozen gutters and ice

Consider Houston Roof Repairs Before Winter

We’ve said goodbye to hurricane season and now it’s time to enjoy pleasant weather before the next cold front makes its way into town. As winter nears and temperatures become colder more often, you might be wondering if it’s worth getting Houston roof repairs before winter. Here are 3 reasons why your roofing contractors at 314 Roofing Solutions recommend that you think about getting some roof work done.

Hurricane Season is Over, So You Might Have Roof Damage

Although it’s fortunate that we didn’t experience a major hurricane this year, we still had a busy season with numerous storms that brought wind, rain, and even hail. Storms like this are known to damage roofs across the area, but they can be easily fixed with Houston roof repairs if addressed in time. Left unaddressed, though, the damage can quickly worsen as the year goes by and you may need to get a new roof altogether. Why spend more money when some minor repairs could’ve done the trick?

Critters May Gain Access to Your Houston Roofing System

As the weather gets cold, little critters like mice, raccoons, and squirrels tend to break into your attic and make it their safe haven. Don’t underestimate them just because of their size. These creatures can do some serious damage to your roof by tearing apart shingles and the insulation that’s supposed to keep you warm inside your home. This invites precipitation–whether it be rain or sleet–into your home, which means you may be more at risk of experiencing a bad roof leak

If Existing Roof Damage is Minor, Houston Roof Repairs Can Boost Longevity

Although our winters are minor compared to that of the other states further up north, don’t dismiss it. Winter in Houston can still cause roof damage, but getting necessary repairs will quickly correct these issues and encourage your roof to last as long as possible.


Ice not only inhibits debris from moving into your gutters and downspouts, but it also may weigh down already-weakened spots in your roofing. Typical asphalt roof shingles expand and contract, and when ice forms, this will cause them to become excessively brittle, rendering them useless.


Snow–even the tiny amount we might get once a year–also weighs down your roof. If your roof shingles are brittle because you haven’t undergone preventive Houston roof maintenance in a long time, the snow may result in some sagging spots across your system. This is incredibly dangerous and typically results in the need for a roof replacement.

Your Trusted Houston Roofing Contractors Will Keep Your Roof Safe With Repairs

If you would like your roof to hold up this winter, we recommend you contact us for a seasonal roof inspection. If we determine that your home needs some repairs, we will be glad to complete them so you’re confident in your safety this winter.