Houston roof showcasing signs of damage in a storm

Do You Know What Storm Roof Damage Looks Like?

There is still one month left before Houston’s hurricane season officially concludes. Although we may not have been through many tropical storms or hurricanes this year, the fact remains that we still had heavy thunderstorms. Also, past hurricane seasons over the years have wreaked havoc on many of our customers’ Houston roofing systems. If you want to keep your roof safe and sturdy so it does its job of protecting you, then keep reading to learn what hurricane season roof damage looks like and how our Houston roofing contractors can help!

Signs of Houston Roof Damage During Hurricane Season

The following are just some of the common signs that indicate your home has sustained Houston roof damage during this storm season (and past seasons, too).

Water Damage in Your Attic

One of the first places that may show signs of Houston roof damage during the hurricane season is the attic. It’s fairly easy to find out if your roof has sustained water damage by checking your attic for things like:

  • Mold
  • Water stains
  • Warped/damaged walls

Missing Roof Shingles Due to Wind Roof Damage

Wind damage is extremely common in Houston roofing systems during the storm season. When a heavy storm is passing through–whether it be a hurricane, tropical storm, or other storm system–wind speeds intensify and are notorious for tearing off older, loosening roof shingles. Because roof shingles are all secured together, one missing roof shingle will inevitably result in several missing roof shingles. If your Houston roof is missing its shingles, then your home will fall victim to bad roof leaks, higher energy bills, and potentially critters. Not to mention, this is just plain dangerous for you and your loved ones as we continue through hurricane season.

Your Roof Shingles are Missing Their Granules

If you didn’t know, roof shingles are topped off with granules. When rain/hail storms occur, these granules are the first to take damage in order to protect the underlying structure. Over time, hail storms–and even wind that blows debris around–may result in storm roof damage that causes granules to come loose. When this happens, your roof becomes that much more vulnerable to Houston roof damage.

How 314 Roofing Solutions Can Keep Your Roof Intact

At 314 Roofing, our Houston roofing contractors are trained to spot damage through a roof inspection. When we find damage, you can entrust us to perform much-needed Houston roof repairs and/or Houston roof maintenance in order to reinforce the structural integrity of your roof. In doing so, your roof will be better protected from the elements so it can better protect your family. If you’d like to determine whether your home has sustained Houston roof damage, then please contact us so we can inspect your roof. We may recommend you sign up for our Houston roof maintenance program, undergo roof repairs, or get a full roof replacement.