Houston roof repair done by our roofing contractors after hurricane season

Do You Need Houston Roof Repairs After Hurricane Season?

It’s that time of year again–when everyone is about to enter vacation mode, plenty of fun is to be had with loved ones, and the threat of a hurricane is next to none. However, we aren’t completely out of the woods yet. Although it’s unlikely that a hurricane will affect us since the season is coming to an end, that isn’t to say that there wasn’t any prior damage done to your roof. In this article, your Houston roofing contractors at 314 Roofing Solutions will discuss some roof repairs that might be necessary once the season officially ends and as we enter winter. 

Wind or Hail Roof Damage is the Most Common Cause of Hurricane Season Roof Repair

It’s no secret that hurricane season in Houston brings hail and wind. Excessive winds can blow debris across your roof or even break the seal between older roof shingles that may not be fastened properly. Hail, on the other hand, can further damage existing weak spots by chipping granules and making your shingles more vulnerable to the elements.

Minor Roof Shingle Replacement

Sometimes, accumulated hurricane season roof damage–such as hail and wind–may result in a small section of your roof needing to be replaced. Your roof shingles are designed to take on weather damage so that the underlying structure remains intact and keeps you and your loved ones safe. It’s only natural that, over time, you’ll need your Houston roofing contractors to get your roof back in shape!

Chimney Flashing Roof Repairs in Houston

Winds are ever-present during the hurricane season, and these winds are notorious for blowing lawn decor, furniture, and other debris onto your roof. This may potentially damage your chimney flashing, the component that enforces a seal to effectively prevent water from entering your roof. Left unaddressed, you may be faced with a bad roof leak, so it’s imperative that you get some Houston roof repairs done ASAP.

Get a Houston Roof Inspection Prior to Getting Repairs

Before you call someone asking for Houston roof repairs, first opt for an inspection. When the roofing contractors at 314 Roofing Solutions perform an inspection, we’ll take a close look at your roof, study it, and determine what damage has occurred. Once we know this, we will discuss them with you, along with your different options. In some cases, the damage is so severe that a roof replacement may be required instead. If you think your roof may have sustained damage during this hurricane season or past ones, please contact us! We look forward to assessing your roof and reinforcing it as we leave hurricane season behind and head into the winter.