Homeowner dealing with a Houston roof leak

Does A Roof Leak Require Houston Roof Replacement

Year-round, roof leaks may become an issue across Houston, but this is especially true during the stormy hurricane season. If you get a roof leak, does this mean you have to get a Houston roof replacement? Here’s what our roofing contractors recommend.

Our Houston Roof Repairs Usually Suffice When You Experience a Leak

A roof leak is certainly a cause for concern, but as long as it’s on the minor side and, above all, caught in time, then expert roof repairs by our Houston roofing contractors will be enough to fix the leak and prevent it from forming again. If you discover a leak, we can take a closer look at it, identify the source, and perform the necessary repairs. 

Don’t Leave A Roof Leak Unaddressed or You Might Need Costly Houston Roof Replacement 

When you get a roof replacement by our Houston roofing contractors, you’ll find that the roof shingles you chose come with a roof warranty that lays out their expected lifespan. If you read our article about how roof warranties work, then you’ll know that your roof will last as long as the warranty says it will...but only if you get roof maintenance and repairs as needed. If you neglect your roof, the warranty will no longer apply and a costly, premature roof replacement may be in order.

How to Spot a Roof Leak

The tricky thing about roof leaks is that they may go unnoticed for a while until they’ve worsened, so it’s best to report a roof leak as soon as you spot one. These are our Houston roofing contractors’ tips on how to spot a roof leak:

Look in Your Attic

The best way to figure out if you have any roof leaks is to periodically check your attic, which we also do when we conduct a roof inspection prior to working on your Houston roof repairs or roof replacement. Your attic may exhibit the following:

  • Mold
  • Water stains on the flooring
  • Damp insulation 
  • Warped/damaged walls

Check the Walls and Ceiling 

When water leaves the attic and flows to other spots in your home, the water might emerge where the ceiling meets the wall, or through light fixtures.

314 Roofing Solutions in Houston Can Keep Your Roof Sturdy and Reliable

If you discover a roof leak, don’t panic. Simply contact us when you see it so we can take a look, identify the origin of the leak, and complete the necessary repairs to ensure the leak is stopped and doesn’t return. It may also be a good idea to get regular Houston roof maintenance, as this gives us a chance to spot roof damage even earlier and act accordingly. Your roof needs to be intact to provide you with shelter and safety, and we look forward to giving you renewed confidence in your roofing system!