Rood shingles in excellent condition due to our Houston roof maintenance services

Don't Procrastinate on Seasonal Houston Roof Maintenance!

As hurricane season gradually comes to a close, you may be wondering about what the condition of your roof is and if there’s anything you can do to keep it sturdy for a few more years. If this sounds like you, then you’ll be glad to know that our Houston roof maintenance services are just what you need. In this article, our Houston roofing company will discuss what makes for great roof maintenance that will protect your roof until you require a roof replacement.

Why You Need Houston Roof Maintenance

As your Houston roofing contractor, 314 Roofing Solutions recommends that your roof undergoes roof maintenance twice a year, right as the seasons change from fall to winter and winter to spring. In doing so, we have the opportunity to see if the season’s climate has damaged your roof and to what extent. Once we determine this, we can take the necessary steps to prolong your roofing and reinforce it ahead of the next season’s climate. With proper Houston roof maintenance, you’ll find that your roof holds up well in intense weather periods and can last as long as the roof warranty says it will.

How to Perform Houston Roof Maintenance

There are various methods that can be used to maintain your Houston roof. Our Houston roofing contractors assist in doing the following:

Remove Houston Roof Debris

Cleaning debris off of your roof is the most basic measure we take when practicing good Houston roof maintenance. Why should debris be removed? Aside from creating an eyesore, any debris on your roof may obstruct your roofing system–the roof shingles, gutters, and downspouts. If your system doesn’t function properly, your roof will begin to fail due to punctures, leaks, and sagging.

Reinforce Your Houston Roof Fasteners

A strong and secure roof is made up of shingles that lay perfectly flat against the decking. Our Houston roofing company’s high-quality roof fasteners keep your shingles tightly secured–something that is incredibly important during the hurricane season, as this keeps them from curling up or blowing off your roof.

To reinforce your roof fasteners and protect them from weather damage, our Houston roofing contractors will cover them with caulking, effectively protecting them from the elements and promoting their longevity. The longer your fasteners stay in place, the longer your roof remains intact. 

Secure Roof Flashing

Roof flashing keeps water away from your chimney and other vulnerable areas so it doesn’t enter your home. During the hurricane season, heavy winds and hail may damage your flashing, loosening it and encouraging water to flow into the newly created gaps. When performing your Houston roof maintenance, we’ll make certain that your flashing is secure so rain doesn’t make its way into your home

Ensure Your Roof Penetrations Are In Good Standing

If penetrations–such as roof vents and jacks–are damaged, they may pose a risk for moisture build-up. If they are significantly damaged, we may need to replace them during our Houston roof maintenance.

Perform Regular Houston Roof Maintenance So Minor Concerns Don’t Become Disastrous And Costly

Minor Houston roof repairs are easily done and don’t have to break the bank. By addressing concerns with your roof early on, our Houston roofing contractors can fix them so they don’t grow into detrimental issues that could have been prevented. If you’d like to undergo some much-needed Houston roof maintenance, please contact us. We look forward to reinforcing your roof this season!