Houston roof contractor holding hail from roof damage

I Get A “Free” Houston Roof Replacement If It Hails, Right?

Many Houston homeowners have wondered how much they need to pay for their upcoming Houston roof replacement. Unfortunately, there is some misinformation out there simply caused by confusion about the fine print you may see on your homeowners’ insurance. In Houston and throughout all of Texas, many homeowners have been led on to believe that if it hails, they are entitled to a free Houston roof replacement. As unfortunate as this may seem, this is just not true. In this article, we will discuss what has made Houston homeowners believe they get a free roof replacement if it hails and what they can actually expect, should a storm cause Houston roof damage.

At One Point, Houston Roofing Companies Offered Free Roof Replacements When They Shouldn’t Have

Since 1989, Houston roof contractors would waive your homeowners’ insurance deductibles due to a poorly written rule. In waiving these fees, they would promise a free Houston roof replacement after a storm, but this resulted in homeowners unknowingly committing insurance fraud.

To remedy this, House Bill 2102 was introduced, which states that homeowners must pay their deductible when getting a Houston roof replacement. Only once the deductible is paid can a Houston roof contractor proceed with a Houston roof replacement if storm damage has occurred. Failing to abide by this rule, homeowners and roof contractors could be faced with legal repercussions.

Paying For A Houston Roof Replacement By Our Houston Roofing Company

Although you cannot get a free roof replacement, there are certain ways to save money on your next Houston roof replacement:

Understand Your Houston Roof Replacement Warranty

First, we recommend that you become familiar with your Houston roof replacement warranty, as this will state how much damage is covered either by your Houston roof contractor or by the company that manufactured your roof shingles. 

Read Through Your Homeowners’ Insurance Policy

You likely don’t remember what your policy states, so it’s a good idea to track it down, read it, and ask your insurance provider any questions you may have. Your homeowners’ insurance may outline what type of Houston storm roof damage they offer coverage for, as well as other information you should know before filing a claim.

Finance Your Houston Roof Replacement

We understand that a Houston roof replacement may be necessary at a time you deem inconvenient, but no one can afford to be roofless. If you’re having a hard time budgeting for your new Houston roof, financing your roof replacement is an excellent option that allows you to pay what you can and benefit from a high-quality roof.

Your Houston Roof Replacement May Not Be Free After All, But This Isn’t A Bad Thing

Too many homeowners fell victim to this practice, but this bill has helped homeowners source a reputable Houston roofing contractor that meets their needs. If you’d like to determine whether or not you need a Houston roof replacement, or if you already know that you need one, please contact us so we can begin with an inspection and discuss your roofing needs!